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Need Privacy & Peace? Use Whole-Home Audio for Sound Masking

How Sound Masking Can Help You Stay Productive and Relaxed in Your Beverly Hills Home

Need Privacy & Peace? Use Whole-Home Audio for Sound Masking

Usually, when we discuss whole-home audio, we enthuse about how wonderful it is to bring your favorite music or podcasts to every corner of the house. But did you know that you can use your multi-room speakers to focus on work, get some privacy, or enjoy peace and quiet? Whole-home audio is handy for sound masking; the process of playing background sound to increase comfort and reduce distractions.

So, if your family members are causing a ruckus while you’re trying to work, or if you’d like personal space in some regions of the house, see how whole-home audio sound masking will enhance your Beverly Hills, CA, lifestyle below.  

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Make It Minimal: Hidden Speakers & TVs

Modern Media Room Design with Undercover Technology

Make It Minimal: Hidden Speakers & TVs

At Future Home, we love our high-performance speakers and screens—but know that they can take up a lot of space. A recent trend in the AV world is hidden technology: devices that are only seen and heard when you want them to be. An area that’s entirely functional to entertain the family, dine, and play games in can transition in seconds to a home theater or listening room. And you can enjoy whole-home audio in every area without a speaker in sight.

How? Continue reading to discover the ways hidden tech can enhance your media room design in Bel Air, CA.

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Why Your Home Needs A Professional Hard-Wired Network

Strengthen Whole Home Audio And Smart Technology In Your Beverly Hills Home

Why Your Home Needs A Professional Hard-Wired Network

Wireless smart technology is rapidly increasing popularity thanks how it streamlines installations and connects smart devices without any unsightly cables. But there are risks to depending on Wi-Fi to carry your entire home automation system. You lose the functionality of your technology is your Internet service goes down, and having all of those different wireless connections creates vulnerable points in your network that put your family’s data in danger.

For stationary technology like the in-wall speakers of your whole home audio system, you don’t need to rely on your Wi-Fi, and having hard-wired connections will boost the performance of your audio components. Read on to learn why you want wired connections for your Beverly Hills, CA smart home system.

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