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The Most Important Piece of Tech in Your Home
A home’s network is its life blood. It's the most important technology we install for homeowners in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas, as all other smart home control, entertainment and communication systems depend on it.

Managed enterprise-grade networks are critical to ensure reliable operation. Future Home was one of the first home AV oriented companies in Southern California to understand this and implement enterprise managed networks years before most firms.

Why Managed Networks?

Managed networks provide:

Reliable operation
The best internet traffic management to reduce/eliminate buffering during streaming entertainment.
Ability for us to remotely diagnose issues down to individual components, in most cases reset/resolve remotely.
Best internet security. Both against outside hackers and to isolate your own personal materials from a guest user in the house.



Be Careful of Imitations
Be careful, recently many vendors started using the term "enterprise grade" for consumer products that have just been re-badged with a new name. Future Home only uses Cisco & Ruckus Professional products.