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Our Process

System is Tested Before Delivery
Future Home was one of the first firms to pre-assemble and test systems prior to its delivery.

Prior to delivery to your home, your system will be:

Fully wired
Fully programmed
Set up
Tested and burned-in
Ensured Reliability
This greatly reduces the time technicians are in your home. This also speeds up how quickly your system is ready for use once the house is ready to accept equipment. We have heard horror stories of technicians in homes for months, you wouldn't accept this and neither do we.

Control Programming
All programming is done in-house by Future Home staff members. This allows us complete confirmed testing, more refined customization and the fastest response to changes you request or discovered items. Many firms are now sub-contracting out programming services or using template touch panel products with little or no customization available.

Acoustical Design
We provide acoustical design guidelines for most of our whole home audio projects, whether in Beverly Hills, Bel Air or other nearby areas. Except for the most extreme design requirements, Future Home staff can provide acoustical isolation and interior treatment construction guidelines. Future Home's principal owner has graduate-level education in acoustics and is certified by the AIA to teach architects acoustical isolation techniques.