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Home Integration Dome  Home Integratoin Dome 2
Future Home automated this John Lautner home featured in the James Bond movie "Diamonds are forever". At the left you can see the motorized glass wall panels that rotate around the house. This suspended wall, house lighting, music and TVs are controlled from a bedside panel.

Frank Lloyd Wright home
This is one of several Frank Lloyd Wright homes we have assisted in restoring. Again note the invisible technology that provide TV and music entertainment throughout the home. We can add similar smart home control technology to your home in Bel Air or nearby areas.

Kevin Clark home
This Kevin Clark designed home, featured in Architectural Design, includes 31 automated zones of climate control, 20 zones of music, 16 TV locations and control of all home features including numerous waterfalls and fountains. Everything is controlled via one of the 16 iPads around the house. Total instruction time with client was under 15 minutes. All Future Home smart home control systems are intuitive to operate.

california Estate 1  California Estate 2
This California estate includes three theaters, over 40 zones of music, 100s of lighting loads and many other features all controlled by a smart home control system with over 12 years of reliable operation.

Malibu Beach House
This Ed Niles designed Malibu beach house includes total home control. Notice again the absence of visible technology in a refined residence that includes control of music, multiple TVs, security, cameras, climate, pool/spa, entry gates and lighting.

Celebrity Compound
This celebrity compound includes a Digital Screening room, over 200 automated lighting loads, 36 house music zones and fully integrated control of the pool/spa/climate/security/cameras and many other features.