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Look Inside a Mediterranean-Style Residence in Los Angeles Look Inside a Mediterranean-Style Residence in Los Angeles

Madeline Stuart brings age-old grace to a brand new Spanish Colonial home in Los Angeles

This article originally appeared in the April 2011 issue of Architectural Digest.

For better or worse, red tile roofs and white stucco walls are as much a part of the iconography of Southern California as palm trees and convertibles. If the area's earliest examples of Spanish-style architecture, with their courtyards and trickling fountains, poetically evoke its Hispanic past, some later manifestations—fast-food restaurants, McMansions—would confound the conquistadors. It's not every day, in other words, that one comes across a new house as romantic and refined as its early-20th-century predecessors. Let alone a house that goes its forebears one better.

Screen Saver Screen Saver

Home theater expert Murray Kunis on achieving audio- visual nirvana-without ever setting foot in a multiplex

There's a primal thrill to watching a film in a packed movie house, but sometimes all we want to do is escape the popcorn cruncher next to us for a theater of our own. Those who can afford the luxury hire Murray Kunis at Future Home. The former sound engineer creates in-home screening rooms-from a "basic" sys- tem that costs $40,000 to a deluxe 23-seat cinema complete with 18-foot-wide screen, soundproofing, LED lighting, ticket booth, full bar, and Italianate murals for $1 million-plus (clients have in- cluded Ron Burkle and Governor Schwarzenegger). For those of lesser means, Kunis offers some DIY theater tips.