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Elevate the Outdoor Entertainment in Your Beverly Hills Home


Learn about Weatherproof Audio from James Loudspeaker & Sonance 

Living in sunny Southern California, there’s no reason to spend our leisure time cooped up indoors. And if you’re entertaining friends or just relaxing with a book, you probably want to put on your favorite playlists or vinyl collection over your high-end speakers. Get-togethers are so much livelier under the sun and stars, whether it’s a cookout, book club, or simply chatting over a glass of wine. Why not take your music and fun outside with outdoor entertainment?

With outdoor speakers by our trusted partners like James Loudspeaker and Sonance, you’ll enjoy more music and fresh air than ever—which is terrific for mental health. You may already own a portable speaker, but how far does that sound go? We’ll show you how weatherproof outdoor entertainment will elevate your Beverly Hills, CA home.

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Small Yet Powerful Satellite Speakers

Your favorite songs will flow through the backyard air from speakers smaller than a plant. Satellite speakers are compact, bullet-shaped devices that are staked into the ground and wired into your audio system. Their sound points in one direction, so they are excellent for surrounding a patio, pool, and pathways. Why not include satellite speakers on the front lawn, too, so guests will feel welcomed into your home by soft music as they walk to your front door?

Our favorite outdoor manufacturers, Sonance and James Loudspeaker, both create their own versions of satellites. Both brands’ models are completely waterproof and are built with an aluminum cone tweeter, delivering a broad frequency. Sonance’s satellites are available in two sizes: with a 4.5” woofer or 6.5”, both in black. James’ range from 3” woofers to 6.5”, customizable in a variety of colors like hunter green, sandstone, and antique brass.

In-Ground Subwoofers

Yes, you can even bring powerful bass notes to your yard with a weatherproof in-ground subwoofer. Hidden among your plants, the subwoofer will radiate sound through the same area as your satellite speakers. Sonance’s in-ground subs have a distinct rounded shape with a cylindrical body. James Loudspeaker’s burial subwoofers are box-shaped, with only a hooded port visible.

Architectural Outdoor Speakers

If you’d prefer to install speakers on the structure of your patio, pool house, cabana, or even stairways, James’ architectural outdoor speakers make that possible. Its under-eave speakers can be discreetly installed right into structure walls. You can even add elegant speakers under outdoor steps with their 3” outdoor stairway angled speakers. They’ll fit into your existing landscape design seamlessly without compromising audio quality or range.

Rock Speakers

Want to listen to tunes while still feeling you’re in your own wilderness? You won’t see any technology at all with rock-shaped speakers and subwoofers. The earth-toned, organically textured speakers will resemble a commonplace stone while delivering superb sound clarity. Leave them in the hot sun—Sonance’s rock speakers can withstand up to 149 degrees.

To build a complete outdoor entertainment system that plays all your favorite tunes, Future Home Theater is your expert integrator for the job. We can connect your outdoor speakers to an indoor whole-home setup, so the same playlists or radio stations can be enjoyed across your entire property.

Ready for better outdoor audio? Give us a call at (310) 559-6100 or submit our form to get started.

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