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Incredible Home Office Designs—4 Must-Haves for Remote Work


How to Make the Transition to Working from Home Seamless 

Remote work can be difficult in the best of times, but just like in any office, if you don’t have the right setup, it can make working ten times worse than it has to be.

To really take advantage of your home office, you need to have certain technologies in place. As our customers throughout Bel Air, CA transition to a work-from-home environment, we want to help. We specialize in home office design, so we can craft a solution that meets everyone’s needs.

If you’re going to have one of our trained experts install all the smart home tech you need, then you need to consider these four must-have technologies to ensure your home office is the best possible quality.

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1. Strong Networking Foundation

When you’re working in your office, you’re used to dealing with an enterprise-grade network. Then you transition to home and try to do the same tasks on a standard residential network. Before long, you’ll deal with dead spots, lagging video and audio, and missed video calls.

The first thing you want to do when setting up your brand-new home office is to give it the right networking foundation to succeed. This has to do with having the right hardware—like updating your router and integrating wireless access points—and design.

It’s the design that will really strengthen your network and impart it with greater reliability. Our networking solutions make it easy for you to prioritize traffic flow. So, if your kids try to stream a 4K movie while you’re working—your network will know to prioritize your data so your work rhythm is never affected by the rest of the family.

2. Tunable Lighting Fixtures

The wrong type of lighting can really hamper your productivity. If you’ve ever been stuck in a poorly lit office –especially one without windows—then you know how quickly fatigue and frustration set in.

The second step in your home office design should be integrating a lighting control system that makes it easy for you to manage the fixtures in your home office. Adjust dimming as needed and quickly close motorized shades when dealing with glare.

For even greater results, integrate tunable lighting fixtures that mimic the hues of sunlight. In midday, integrate cool, blue hues that foster activity and concertation. When you’re done for the day, it’s easier to unwind if you transition to warmer, orange hues in the living room.

3. Smart Air Purifiers

One of the biggest problems with home offices that many people don’t realize is a problem is air quality. You might have no clue you’re actually breathing air that’s often much more polluted than the air outside your home, not to mention filled with allergens like pet dander or pollen from indoor plants.

While a normal air purifier sounds great, these devices work best when they’re reacting to the changing quality of your air. Some of these devices are able to not only work on a schedule, but to recommend when you might need to open a window, to alert you to problematic compounds that can be emitted from cooking or from devices like your printer, and even to monitor for dangers like carbon monoxide.

With a smart air purifier in your home office, your mood and your health can be enhanced, helping you to be more productive and more efficient.

4. Smart Time Tracking

One of the biggest (and often most difficult) parts of working at home is the need to accurately track your hours. It’s often the case that you forget to turn on your timer, you forget to turn it off when you take a break or go to have lunch, and you even forget to stop and start timing after you get interrupted at a task by your spouse or your children.

To really make the most of your smart office experience, you need smart tech for time tracking. That’s why we love Timeular. This little device can make time tracking so much easier and simpler. All you do is assign certain types of activities to each side of this huge 8-sided die, and then you flip the die as you change tasks.

Once you get used to using it, it will absolutely change the way you track your time and help you become far more efficient than you ever imagined.

Let’s Design the Home Office of Your Dreams

We love helping our customers build the home offices of their dreams. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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