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Why Your Home Needs A Professional Hard-Wired Network


Strengthen Whole Home Audio And Smart Technology In Your Beverly Hills Home

Wireless smart technology is rapidly increasing popularity thanks how it streamlines installations and connects smart devices without any unsightly cables. But there are risks to depending on Wi-Fi to carry your entire home automation system. You lose the functionality of your technology is your Internet service goes down, and having all of those different wireless connections creates vulnerable points in your network that put your family’s data in danger.


More Reliability With Fewer Components

Wireless devices require more technology to connect to Wi-Fi, which introduces more possibilities for error. Hard-wiring is far simpler with just a cable and a connector. Running that cable may add some time to the installation process, but you’ll gain reliable service that lasts for a longer period. Our professional network installation service eliminates any wiring headaches, and we work hard to make sure that cable installation happens smoothly.

The most significant elements in your home automation system should use wires so that you don’t lose connectivity when you need it most. Because wireless technology changes so rapidly, you’ll need to replace devices more often. That can be a real hassle with a whole home audio system that has speakers built directly into your walls and ceiling. You don’t want to pull those out because your Wi-Fi configuration has changed. Wired connections withstand the test of time, so you’ll be able to enjoy music in any room for years and years.

Stationary Technology Doesn’t Need Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity is great for devices that are going to be moved around constantly, but it’s unnecessary when you’re dealing with stationary elements like in-wall speakers, home theater A/V, light switches, and thermostats. You’re limited when it comes to how many devices can connect to a wireless access point, and if you reach that maximum number, you’re going to need to invest in more access points. Streaming 4K audio and high-fidelity audio puts even more strain on your Wi-Fi, which can diminish the performance of devices you’ve spent a lot of money on to get the best sound and picture.

Safeguard Your Network

Even with firewalls and network encryption, Wi-Fi puts your home at risk to cyber attacks because criminals can take advantage of vulnerable connection points created by a plethora of wireless smart devices. That risk only gets higher as you add more wireless technology, but you get reinforced security with hard-wired connections.

Wireless connections can also compromise the security of your home outside of the digital realm. Intruders can use broad spectrum RF jammers to wipe out wireless signals, which stops your motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and other smart security devices from communicating with each other and leaves you in the dark.

You can boost your whole home audio, theater A/V, and other smart technology in your Beverly Hills, CA residence with a professional hard-wired installation from the specialists at Future Home. To learn more, reach out to one of our experts by calling 310-559-6100, filling out our online form, or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen. 

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