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Make It Minimal: Hidden Speakers & TVs


Modern Media Room Design with Undercover Technology 

At Future Home, we love our high-performance speakers and screens—but know that they can take up a lot of space. A recent trend in the AV world is hidden technology: devices that are only seen and heard when you want them to be. An area that’s entirely functional to entertain the family, dine, and play games in can transition in seconds to a home theater or listening room. And you can enjoy whole-home audio in every area without a speaker in sight.

How? Continue reading to discover the ways hidden tech can enhance your media room design in Bel Air, CA.

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Whole-Home Listening with Hidden Audio

Maybe you’re enjoying heartwarming jazz like Billie Holiday in the evening with wine and cheese. Or you’re pumping up your morning with energetic electronic music for a workout and smoothie. No matter your music taste or current mood, a whole home audio system connects every room with your favorite artists over each speaker.

For a minimalistic approach to home audio, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can reduce tech clutter and wires. They resemble recessed lights in small, circular grilles that are paintable to blend into your wall color. Brands like James Loudspeaker and Sonance offer architectural speakers that will camouflage so well that visitors will ask you where the amazing audio is coming from.

You can go even further with hidden audio by implementing invisible speakers—speakers installed within the walls or ceiling and finished over with a surface. Unbelievable sound will emanate through the wall with no sight of technology or even a grille. Any room can serve as a listening room without the restrictions of large floor standing or bookshelf speakers.

Screens Seen Only When You Want

Do you dislike the appearance of a large black screen in your living room? Or do you want more displays throughout the house without the sight of TVs everywhere? There are plenty of creative ways to approach camouflaged TVs, just like hidden audio.

One method is a retractable or floor-rising screen that, from one press of a button on your smart system, can rise out of the floor or drop from the ceiling. Maybe you want a projector-sized experience in the bedroom but don’t want a blank screen on display all the time. You’ll only see it when it’s TV or movie time.

Here’s another style: mirror and artwork TVs. When your screen is not in use, it’s “off” mode will transition into a fully functioning mirror or work of art, like models by the brand Séura. Placing it in a frame makes it impossible to tell that the mirror or painting is not the real thing. Only when you’re ready for your Tuesday night show or a movie marathon will anyone realize it’s a TV!

Do you think hidden AV could elevate your home’s design and entertainment experience? To get creative with your media, contact Future Home here for services in Bel Air, CA, or call us at (310) 559-6100.

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