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Need Privacy & Peace? Use Whole-Home Audio for Sound Masking


How Sound Masking Can Help You Stay Productive and Relaxed in Your Beverly Hills Home 

Usually, when we discuss whole-home audio, we enthuse about how wonderful it is to bring your favorite music or podcasts to every corner of the house. But did you know that you can use your multi-room speakers to focus on work, get some privacy, or enjoy peace and quiet? Whole-home audio is handy for sound masking; the process of playing background sound to increase comfort and reduce distractions.

So, if your family members are causing a ruckus while you’re trying to work, or if you’d like personal space in some regions of the house, see how whole-home audio sound masking will enhance your Beverly Hills, CA, lifestyle below.  

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Why Does One Need Sound Masking?

Whether you’re writing a script or crunching numbers, sound masking will reduce the noise of any conversation or household sounds in the background. Anything over fifteen feet away will fade out of earshot, so you can focus on what’s in front of you. If you’re on an urgent phone call, sound masking will protect your privacy. Or let’s say you want to nap or go to bed while the rest of the house is still up and socializing. Sound masking audio—which is a step further than white noise—will give you the peace you need. If you’re the kind of person who can’t focus in total silence either, the ambient sounds will bring a perfect balance.   

How Does It Work?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but adding sound to your space will make rooms feel quieter. Your in-wall or in-ceiling speakers will raise ambient noises, making speech and other sounds unintelligible and, therefore, less distracting. Sonically it sounds similar to airflow and is engineered to the same frequency as human speech. You won’t need any other soundproofing materials on the walls or to blast music for alone time. Your sound masking audio will cover it all.

How to Play Over Whole-Home Audio

If you have a multi-room speaker setup synced to a smart system, select the ambient noise you’d like to play directly from your phone or tablet. Every speaker in the house will play in unison, or you can choose individual speakers. If you’ll need sound masking every day to work or sleep, put your audio on a schedule, so it automatically starts playing. If you’re new to home automation and audio, Future Home can help assemble a system that’s intuitive for you to use.

Could your Beverly Hills home benefit from a new or upgraded whole house audio system? Call Future Home at (310) 559-6100 or contact us here.

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