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Imagine Your Very Own IMAX Private Theater — And Make it A Reality


IMAX Has Arrived to Beverly Hills, CA Homes

Whether we’re watching the Titanic sink into the Atlantic or traveling through faraway galaxies in a new Star Wars film, we want to feel like we’re in the midst of our favorite stories. At Future Home Theater, we have specialized in Beverly Hills, CA, home theaters for 28 years and know how to build a truly immersive home cinema. But there’s a new viewing experience that goes to infinity and beyond. With the most massive screen possible and out-of-this-world sound, the IMAX private theater is the new frontier in luxury entertainment.

But what makes an IMAX private theater better or different from a regular home theater? Find out what an IMAX private theater is comprised of and how to install one in your Beverly Hills, CA, home.

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The IMAX Difference

We’re proud to have recently completed an IMAX private theater in a Los Angeles residence, which is photographed above. The theater included a 22-foot diagonal screen, ATMOS surround sound, and automated control. IMAX theaters are designed with their own patented technology and a large enough screen to fill your field of vision, enhancing the sensation of motion. As you watch characters ride dragons on Game of Thrones, you’ll feel like you’re flying in the sky, too.

IMAX floor-to-ceiling screens can be curved or flat and involve automatic daily self-calibration for the best visual result. Cameras mounted to the lens assembly inside the projector continually interpret the image on the screen and adjust it for consistent quality. To achieve skin-tingling sound and heart-thumping power, IMAX’s patented 7.1-channel surround-sound system uses laser-aligned speakers for a bewilderingly delightful audio experience.

Bringing IMAX Home

Living with an IMAX private theater, you’ll enjoy intimate showings with friends and family with any food, drink, or movie selection your heart desires. Host viewing parties for your favorite TV show or start a film late at night on a whim. Plus, by sound-proofing the room, your action movies won’t disturb the rest of the family across the house. Private IMAX theaters cater to your specific interior design taste, allowing you to select the lighting colors, seats, carpet, walls, and more.

IMAX private theaters are available in three collection sizes—Prestige, Palais, and Platinum, ranging from nine to forty seats. Your IMAX home cinema will also include a touch-screen control panel and professional 3D glasses. Visitors will certainly marvel; there is nothing quite like an IMAX private theater!

If you would like to learn more about installing an IMAX private theater, visit Future Home Theater, an IMAX-certified installer. Give us a call at (310) 559-655, fill out our contact form, or message customer support below!

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