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3 Ways Crestron Home Automation Makes Your Dream Smart Home a Reality


Discover the Power of Total Home Control Tailored Uniquely to You

Smart homes are quickly on the rise, which is made evident by the vast number of consumer technologies available to homeowners, such as smart door locks and thermostats, wireless security cameras, Amazon’s Echo line and much more.

While these DIY smart home products may be excellent for condos and small homes, they’re not built to provide robust, one-touch automation solutions for expansive properties. Instead, customers who desire total home control that’s effortless, reliable and secure should look to Crestron, an industry-leading home automation system that unifies disparate technologies to communicate together at just the tap of your finger.

Keep reading to explore three ways Crestron can help turn your Beverly Hills, CA, estate into the smart home of your dreams — no matter your vision.

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One Interface for Effortless Control

Not only are today’s big-box consumer technologies unfit for expansive properties, but many work independently of one another, requiring you to keep up with several smartphone apps, software updates, management settings and more.

When you control your home with a Crestron system, you’ll enjoy the convenience of total home control from a single platform. Easily command, monitor and adjust your lights, shades, thermostats, door locks, entertainment and even your pool and spa from just one app.

For more effortless control, you can program one-tap settings that adjust several of your devices together for curated scenes that complement any mood or event. Whether you decide to command your home from your smartphone, in-wall touch panel or tabletop tablet, everything is available to you from one intuitive interface.

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Technology that Blends into Your Home

Because many consumer technologies are built for wide accessibility, they are not designed to complement unique home interiors and styles. This lack of personalization is troublesome for homeowners looking for the convenience of robust smart home technology without the distraction of bulky or intrusive hardware.

Crestron systems are designed to effortlessly blend into the fabric of your home so that you can enjoy the home automation benefits you desire without obtrusive devices that impede your interior aesthetic. Enjoy concealed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, custom-finished keypads and switches, centralized in-wall wiring and dedicated closets for your equipment that stays hidden from view.

For three decades, our team at Future Home has seamlessly implemented intuitive technology into the world’s finest homes across southern California with the goal to eliminate cluttered controls and devices. What’s more, we design our solutions to require less than 15 minutes of instruction, no matter how complex the home automation system.


Hardwired for Uncompromising Reliability

While wireless technologies are a quick solution to unsightly cables, several risks come with trusting a robust home automation system to run wirelessly. The more devices you connect, the more vulnerable points you create on your network that could potentially put your family’s data in danger. What’s more, one issue with your internet service could cause your entire system to shut down.

By contrast, a hardwired home automation system ensures you never lose connectivity to the devices you need most, such as gated entries, door locks, surveillance, lighting and more. A hardwired system also helps safeguard your network from potential cyber attacks that could allow intruders to gain access to your security and sensitive data.

When you invest in a Crestron home automation system implemented by our team, you’ll receive reliable total home control with our trusted network installation service that eliminates any wiring headaches. Not only do we guarantee that your cable installation happens smoothly, but we ensure it all stays concealed within your foundation so you never have to deal with messy wires.

All your left with is a sophisticated, easy-to-use home automation system that connects sightless technologies to work uniquely and reliably for you around the clock.

Start your journey toward Crestron total home control today by filling out our contact form or sending us a live chat below now. We look forward to assisting you!

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