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Enjoy Masterful Music Anywhere with Whole-House Audio


Create the Soundscape of Your Dreams with a Professionally Installed Audio System

Why do you listen to music? Maybe it’s your remedy to a stressful day, the motivator for your exercises, or the fuel for your creativity. Whatever the reason, it’s no secret that music is quite a muse for many. And as today’s technology innovations continue to take the joy of listening to new heights, our favorite tunes are now more accessible than ever.

Transform the way you enjoy your music with a whole-house audio system that allows you and your family to listen to any song anywhere in your Bel Air, CA home. One-touch command creates the soundscape of your dreams so you can bring life to any occasion. Discover the many possibilities of whole-house audio.

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A Soundtrack for Your Life

With whole-home audio, wake up to your favorite song flooding your bedroom, and continue listening as you walk downstairs to the kitchen for your morning cup of coffee. Experience clear, even sound in any room you walk into as you get ready for a day of work or leisure. When it’s time to leave, a simple touch of a button stops your music or prepares a time for your tunes to turn back on later in the evening.

Whole-home audio is perfect for parties, date nights, and relaxation. Using your control system, create a scene for each occasion and instantly set the musical mood with just the tap of your smartphone. And for even less hands-on control, program your music to turn on and off as you desire so you can set it and forget it.

Music Beyond Streaming

Though music is enjoyed in many forms, streaming is today’s standard of listening. With a whole-house audio system, select a streaming service like Tidal, Spotify, and Deezer to play in any or every room in just a tap. You can even define a playlist for each of your rooms or let one song flow throughout your entire property.

But enjoying your music doesn’t have to stop at streaming. Our team at Future Home can design an audio system that allows for easy connection to your turntables, CD players, and more so you can enjoy whole-house listening your way.

Advanced Technology, Seamless Control

We take pride in our ability to blend the most advanced, structured smart systems with the world’s finest interior designs. When you work with our team, you’ll receive an intuitive system that is hidden from sight and never interferes with the architecture of your Bel Air home.

No matter how extensive the project, controlling your audio system will always be simple. In fact, even our more comprehensive systems are easily understood in less than 15 minutes of instruction. Whether you decide on a whole-house audio system or desire full control of your home’s technology, you’ll harness the power of it all from just one customized interface.

Let us help you create the soundscape of your dreams with a fully wired, fully programmed, robust whole-house audio system. You’ll wonder how you ever listened to music without it. Get started today by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below to talk with a team member now.

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