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Can Tunable Lighting Really Improve Your Mood and Sleep?


Discover the Wellness Benefits of Smart Lighting Systems

If you’re feeling sluggish, sleepy, or just plain blah, that’s no way to get through the days. But with social distancing and stay at home practices in place, many of us are spending more time than ever in the confines of our houses. Concerts, festivals, and parties have been canceled. It can all lead to melancholy and sleepless nights.

While many things can help our moods—exercise, music, talking to loved ones—what if your home could help you feel better? With the development of new LED tunable lighting, your home’s appearance can provide wellness benefits. How? We explain how biophilia technology will enhance your Bel Air, CA, home below.

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How Tunable Lighting Works

When smart LED bulbs, like Lutron’s Tunable White, are incorporated into a control system, you’re free to adjust the color temperature and brightness of every fixture and room. Smart bulbs contain many different colored LEDs, and when you select a setting from your phone or tablet, it will fine-tune your lights from cool to warm hues. Color temperatures are measured in Kelvins, and the lower the number, the warmer your space will feel. ‘Candlelight’ settings at around 1800K will create warm, golden light, while ‘daylight’ at 7000K is a bright, icy white.

Lighting and Wellness

Our bodies’ internal clocks—also known as circadian rhythms—regulate when we feel tired, awake, and hungry. Our circadian rhythms can be thrown out of sync by our unpredictable lifestyles, staying up too late or not sleeping enough. One major culprit? Lighting. You may have heard that the blue lights on screens can impair sleep. This also extends to all lighting in your house.

With tunable lighting, you can set your lights to automatically adjust themselves throughout the day. In the morning, lights will appear bright and cool like a sunny day, inspiring serotonin production for alertness and productivity. By the evening, lights will be warmer and dim, like the sunset and firelight. This will trigger melatonin in your brain, so you’ll sleep soundly at night.

Added Comfort at Home

Not only will your sleep improve with circadian lighting, but the atmosphere of your house will suddenly feel more inviting and comfortable. If you’ve ever been inside on a sunny day with warm-colored lighting, you know how stuffy that can make a room feel. Or at nighttime, bright cool lights have a sickly effect, like a hospital room or city bus. Now, the same lightbulbs will change color for the perfect time of day. It will happen so gradually that you won’t even notice your lights adjusting until it’s already a golden afternoon.

Could your Bel Air home benefit from tunable lighting? Contact Future Home Theater here or call us at (310) 559-6100 to discuss your options.

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