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Create the Ultimate Entertainment Experience This Year With a New Automated Home Theater System


Ringing in the new year this year seemed more exciting than ever. Most of us are anxious for a fresh start and have high hopes that this year will be better. While you might have made a list of goals you want to accomplish and have already started using that new gym membership, make sure to take the time to relax and have fun. Whether it's hiking or catching up with friends or reading a book, or watching a good movie, you should carve out time in your life to enjoy it. And one great way to do that is by upgrading your home theater design.

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Start the Year Off With a New Screen

Getting a new TV is often one of those big-box gifts that everyone goes crazy opening on Christmas morning, and for a good reason. Upgrading your television can really improve the quality of your viewing experience. And this year, we will see some big changes in screens like Samsung’s Wall TV that can be adapted to fit the size and shape you want. This allows you to design your home theater how you want to now, without having to operate within the constraints of the manufacturer’s limitations. This changes the whole game, as far as home theaters go. And when you tie in the smart controls in the wall tv to your home theater automation system, your viewing pleasure goes to a whole other level.

Lighting Is Everything, Especially for Your Home Theater

Much like fine dining, the ambiance is critical to the overall experience. The food may be excellent, but you probably don't enjoy your meal if the lights are harsh. The same goes for your home theater. You need the right kind of lighting positioned strategically in your home theater so you and your family have enough light to find the comfiest seat and make those trips back to the kitchen for more popcorn; but also have the total immersive experience to watch your movie. Lighting is more complicated than most of us realize, but we know when it's done right. That's why it's crucial to have the right home theater designer for your lighting systems as well.

Relax in Comfort and Luxury

Right along with lighting, seating is critical to your home theater experience. We all remember watching a movie in school from our desks. And while it was better than having another lecture, it wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable experience because we were all sitting in those hard desks.

Movie theaters have come a long way with seating, but they’ll never be able to compare with your couch. With reclining home theater seating or sofas, you can relax in your home theater and stretch out or prop your feet, whatever suits you most. And to many, that spells the ultimate relaxation. And with our home theater design, you can control your seat, lighting and start the movie without moving a muscle.


Find out about the perfect home theater design for your home. Contact us at 310-559-6100 or on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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