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Top 3 Things to Look For When Installing a Private Cinema


Reasons Why a Professional Installation IThe Best Way to Get the Home Theater Experience of Your Dreams 

Going to the theater is the quintessential date nightOr even a night out with your best pals. But heading to the movies has been problematic lately, and more and more of us are leaning into all that streaming services have to offer us in our Beverly Hills homes. Now that many streaming services are releasing theater released movies within weeks, or even at the same time, as they hit California theaters, we can enjoy that film we’ve been waiting for right from the comfort of our own homes. And with a professionally installed private cinema, you not only can watch it at the same time but with the same theater quality.  

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Picture Perfect  

A beautiful story is a necessary ingredient for a beautiful film, but production values can make or break even the best narrative. Projectors are designed to capture the clarity and sharpness so all of those artistically and painstakingly shot scenes can be captured as intended.  

With the excellent quality of 4K and 8K televisions, you can get the same sharpness and picture quality at home. But to maximize your system's potential, you need a professional installer. A professional Crestron installer can tune your home theater system for the perfect picture, position it in your theater for best viewing, and install your devices and wiring out of sight, so all you see is your stunning screen.  

Sounds Like Success 

We often forget how important sound is in a movie until we watch one with low quality. Sound plays a lot of roles, too. Actor dialogue must be captured and synched, music must match every scene perfectly, and sound effects must be perfect. Our televisions are limited with their sound capability, but a professionally installed system can provide a hidden sound system that works with the acoustics in your home theater to deliver clear, pristine sound throughout the room 
Then you can hear the rain pattering onto the sidewalk as if you were standing there with Fred Astaire or experience the explosive power of Wonder Woman in battle as she clashes with Cheetah. All you’ll need then is someone to bring you a big bowl of popcorn and a soda.  


It’s time to plan your next viewing party in your brand new, professionally installed private cinema. Give us a call at 310-559-6100 or contact us on our home page to find out how to take your home theater to the next level of luxuryWe look forward to hearing from you! 

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