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How To Achieve A High-End Home Theater Experience


Immerse Yourself in the Movies with a Private Cinema That Is Visually and Audibly Captivating

Some people like watching a movie. Others need to experience it. They want everything to come alive as they immerse themselves in the film. Unfortunately, you can’t get that in the living room. And even though you may think a home theater will give you what you want, you better be careful. Not all home theaters are created equal.

To achieve an outstanding visual and auditory experience, your home theater in Beverly Hills, CA, needs several important components: the sights, sounds, and settings. Keep reading to see how Future Home, a recognized leader in high-end home theaters, can transform your space into the private cinema of your dreams.

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The Sights

First of all, your home theater can be any size. Some of the most impressive private theater spaces only seat six to eight people. Others are grander and can accommodate more. Still, the most important feature – one that takes front and center – is the screen. Whether it’s a modest 55” TV or a 120” projector/screen display, one thing is for certain: it must be a 4K display with HDR and a high refresh rate (preferably 120Hz) at the bare minimum.

A 4K display boasts at least 8 million pixels for more clarity, while an HDR (high dynamic range) TV offers a wider range of color, contrast, and brightness. And a TV with a 120Hz refresh rate reduces motion blur for better resolution. The result is a picture that pops! The real-to-life display is not only clear and captivating, but it rivals that of any movie theater.

If you really want to lose yourself in your private cinema, then consider an IMAX home theater. Future Home not only designed and installed the first IMAX theater in California, but we can also create the same IMAX experience in your home. It consists of a screen that fills your entire field of vision, dramatically enhancing the sensation of motion and your viewing experience.

The Sounds

Thinking about a soundbar for your home theater? It may work well in your living room, and it could be a good choice for an average home theater. But we’re talking high-end! Why settle for less when we can achieve the amazing, breathtaking, and heart-thumping sound you crave  with a surround-sound system?

Premium brands like JBL Synthesis and Sonance make it happen for you. High-performance speakers cover the entire audio bandwidth, filling your space with all the sound effects, dialogue, and music to deliver a convincing experience.

Making surround-sound magic happen involves more than placing a few speakers in your room. Instead, you need to produce a multi-dimensional sound field that engulfs you. The speakers create the illusion that you’re actually there. You’ll forget you’re in your home theater and feel like you’re in the movies – or better, wherever the movie takes place.

In addition to having properly calibrated center speakers, wall speakers, and other critical audio components, you shouldn’t forget the subwoofer. It takes your audio experience to a deeper level – producing the low bass sounds you need to achieve the full impact of the audio you hear.

The Setting

Here’s where many home theater installers miss the mark. They do an adequate job with the display and sound but forget a critical component: the ambiance! If you have a fantastic display and surround sound system – yet you’re missing the home theater décor – is it really a home theater? It would be like going to a movie theater that consisted of a screen, some speakers, and a couple of folding chairs with no theater décor.

You deserve much more than that. Future Home installs the finest theater décor from makers like CinemaTech. Whether you want a retro look or a modern and unique style, your options are virtually endless when it comes to theater design.

In addition to the décor, don’t forget the lighting and smart home control. Then, you’ll enjoy effortless home entertainment at the touch of a button. Select a scene on your tablet, such as “movie night,” and the lights adjust, the drapes move into position, and your movie starts.

Would you like to learn how Future Home can create a high-end theater experience in your home? Call us at 310.559.6100 or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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