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Step Inside Your Favorite Films with a Dedicated Private Home Cinema


Our Award-Winning Team Delivers Only the Finest Home Theater Systems

Film connoisseurs and dilettantes alike can agree that a large part of what makes a cinema great is the experience it offers the audience during the show. Immersive surround sound, crystal-clear picture, luxury seating, and strategic acoustical design are the perfect ingredients to the ultimate venue for film entertainment.

Now, imagine such an experience in the comfort of your Beverly Hills, CA home. With no crowds and no hassle of transportation, you can enjoy your favorite films with a home theater system that exceeds technical performance standards, complements your property’s aesthetic design, and provides decades of family entertainment.

Our California-based team at Future Home Theater designs and installs elite home theaters that deliver truly immersive, no-compromise experiences every time. Read on to take a deeper dive into our craft.


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World-Leading Technology

From the beginning of the project to the very end, we use only the best-quality brands of cinema technology to create a customized theater haven for you and your family.

Experience brilliant, high-resolution video and the most accurate color reproduction with native 4K projectors that will wow your friends and family. Top solutions from Christie, Barco, DPI, and more bring your favorite scenes to life with nose-to-screen image quality every time you sit down for movie night.

Complement your display with tangible surround sound that truly immerses you into the action. Feel the revving of a car engine, the blast of an explosion, and the faint whispers of soft dialogue as the sound moves around you in three-dimensional space. With industry-leading products from brands like JBL Synthesis, Dolby, and Sonance, you’ll forget you’re sitting at home and not inside the film.


Custom Design and Integration

Our goal is to create the finest home theater to your exact specifications. We consult with you on acoustics, interior design, seating, lighting, and more to make sure the result exceeds your expectations.

Although our team is a one-stop-shop provider of the design, construction, and installation of your venue, we can also collaborate with other home theater and interior designers to provide a media systems installation that works with their creation.

When it’s time for you to enjoy your home theater, you’ll find that controlling all of the components in your venue is simple and intuitive. We integrate the technology into an easy-to-use touch keypad so you have the power of your lights, projector, and movie collection in the palm of your hands.


Award-Winning Projects and Service

Our team has provided award-winning, seamless entertainment control and private theaters for thirty years and counting. We’re honored to bring both our passion and expertise to some of the biggest, most beautiful homes in California and beyond.

However, we believe our most important service is supporting you after your system is installed and ready to go. Our concierge service offers proactive support to maintain your system, from firmware updates to solving technical issues. Although most problems can be resolved remotely, we will always send a team member to your location if that is the best solution to meet your needs.


Reach out to our team to get started on creating your dream home theater today. Just fill out our contact form or send a live chat below to talk with us right now. We look forward to hearing from you!

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