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The Crestron Difference


Build a whole-home automation system that fits your needs and lifestyle

There are many options for whole-home automation and control. As more homeowners invest in systems, options keep coming. One company stands out from the rest thanks to their reliability., custom user experience, and exclusive products that fit your needs. Crestron delivers better performance and control with American-made products built for the real world. If you want to automate your Beverly Hills, CA property, read this to find out why you should work with your local Crestron dealer.

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Crestron: A History of Smart Automation

If you're looking into home automation, you may not have heard the name Crestron. During the last few years, the company has focused on developing commercial solutions. Crestron has built systems for many of the most famous and profitable businesses on Earth. And they’re back in the residential-system game with high-end, custom solutions.

Established in 1972, Creston continues to build smart home systems that work. They build all their products at their New Jersey campus, so everything they sell is American made. The engineers are dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that don’t stop working under high demand. They even test devices to the breaking point to minimize the risk of failure. Then they create solutions so proactive that they self-diagnose and fix problems before you’re aware of them.

What Makes Crestron Different?

For luxury-home owners, there aren’t many choices superior to Crestron. Why? The company doesn’t rely on third-party builders to make products for them. They design and construct devices to work exclusively with the Crestron control interface.

There are few things worse than waking up one day to find out that your smart home no longer connects to your controller because of an overnight software update or other point of failure. Crestron systems are built with the end-user in mind, and all changes, updates, and maintenance happen across the board. That means you won’t worry about your system breaking.

Custom Control

Plus, Crestron lets dealers create their own custom interfaces. At Future Home Theater, we design and program interfaces that fit your needs and lifestyle. If something goes wrong, we solve the problem with our own team of experts. Programmable control allows for a level of customization and reliability that other manufacturers simply can’t replicate, while giving us more leeway to build you creative, complex, and sophisticated systems with your exact needs in mind. No two Crestron homes look the same.

Want to automate your property with a high-end system designed for functionality, convenience, and custom control? You can’t go wrong with Crestron. And you definitely can’t go wrong by contacting your local Crestron dealer and integrator.

Click here or give us a call at 310.559.6100 today. We look forward to showing you the magic of a Crestron home.

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