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Quick Guide: Explore the Basics of Smart Home Automation


Learn What to Expect from a Robust System Installed by Our Team at Future Home

We all remember when smart homes were merely an idea—a fantastical product we saw in sci-fi movies or read about in books. Fast forward to today, and smart homes are not only accessible but expected by many homebuyers looking for a secure, sophisticated, and efficient place to live.

Maybe you’ve heard the term, but what exactly does smart home automation entail? And what are the benefits of implementing a home automation system into your Malibu, CA property? We answer all of your questions below.

3 Ways Crestron Home Automation Makes Your Dream Smart Home a Reality


Discover the Power of Total Home Control Tailored Uniquely to You

Smart homes are quickly on the rise, which is made evident by the vast number of consumer technologies available to homeowners, such as smart door locks and thermostats, wireless security cameras, Amazon’s Echo line and much more.

While these DIY smart home products may be excellent for condos and small homes, they’re not built to provide robust, one-touch automation solutions for expansive properties. Instead, customers who desire total home control that’s effortless, reliable and secure should look to Crestron, an industry-leading home automation system that unifies disparate technologies to communicate together at just the tap of your finger.

Keep reading to explore three ways Crestron can help turn your Beverly Hills, CA, estate into the smart home of your dreams — no matter your vision.

Imagine Your Very Own IMAX Private Theater — And Make it A Reality


IMAX Has Arrived to Beverly Hills, CA Homes

Whether we’re watching the Titanic sink into the Atlantic or traveling through faraway galaxies in a new Star Wars film, we want to feel like we’re in the midst of our favorite stories. At Future Home Theater, we have specialized in Beverly Hills, CA, home theaters for 28 years and know how to build a truly immersive home cinema. But there’s a new viewing experience that goes to infinity and beyond. With the most massive screen possible and out-of-this-world sound, the IMAX private theater is the new frontier in luxury entertainment.

But what makes an IMAX private theater better or different from a regular home theater? Find out what an IMAX private theater is comprised of and how to install one in your Beverly Hills, CA, home.

Enjoy Masterful Music Anywhere with Whole-House Audio


Create the Soundscape of Your Dreams with a Professionally Installed Audio System

Why do you listen to music? Maybe it’s your remedy to a stressful day, the motivator for your exercises, or the fuel for your creativity. Whatever the reason, it’s no secret that music is quite a muse for many. And as today’s technology innovations continue to take the joy of listening to new heights, our favorite tunes are now more accessible than ever.

Transform the way you enjoy your music with a whole-house audio system that allows you and your family to listen to any song anywhere in your Bel Air, CA home. One-touch command creates the soundscape of your dreams so you can bring life to any occasion. Discover the many possibilities of whole-house audio.